First of all I want to inform the guests who are not from Manipal that this place is not in Sikkim. Manipal is located at Karnataka, 60 kms south of Mangalore. Most of the general public have a misconception that Manipal is located at Sikkim. That place is Sikkim Manipal and is a sister concern of this 50 years old institution.

Manipal’s history can be traced down to 1953 when the founder TMA Pai founded the Medical College which now stands among the top ten medical colleges in India. It was no other than Kasturba Medical College. Manipal Institute of Technology, the premier institute of engineering in India was started in 1957 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee last year. There are many other colleges in the Manipal campus namely Dental College, Pharmaceutical College, Dental Sciences, Hotel Management, Jewelery Management, Journalism, Management and more.

The sister concern with whom people usually confuse with original Manipal is Sikkim Manipal. It was started by the Manipal group on being invited by the Sikkim Government to provide technical eduction to the people of Sikkim. The two major colleges at Sikkim Manipal are its Engineering and Medical College.

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