Linux Users Group is organizing a Linux Open Week from 23rd-28th of March sponsored by Fedora. The main aim of the event is to create awareness about Linux and Open Source among the student especially, though people from all walks are welcome to attend. It comprises of Introducing people to Open Source, Install fest, teaching how to use Linux to newbies, developers and hacking open source softwares.

The event is as:

  • 23rd March : Introducing people to the world of FOSS ( Free and Open Source)
  • 24th March : Pre-Install Fest, necessary precautions before installing Linux.
  • 25th March : Install Fest, installing Linux on the laptops of students. Fedora 11 would be provided
  • 26th March :  User’s Day – Each and every Linux user is not a power user, so telling them how to use Word Processor, configuring  the system, using IM client, installing additional softwares etc
  • 27th and 28th March: Developer’s Day: Since it a technical college, we can expect people with technical expertise who want to improve their scope and venture out in new fields. This day is aimed at them to learn the basics of using developer tools and how to install different languages on their Linux distribution.
  • 30th March: Hackathon – We can even expect some hackers at the scene who would be interested in trying out their hands on Open Source softwares since their code-base is open. ( Note we meant Hackers not Crackers)

The Open Week is Sponsored by Fedora, posters and Free DVD kits are being provided due to Fedora community’s willingness to spread the spirit of Open Source. Check out the posters below designed by Sheeladitya Mukherjee