Before I was about to join my college, there was a deep confusion going on due to the fact that MIT’s placements were too poor 4-5 years back. While joining people used to say me “Why u going there, placements don’t exceed 20% any year”. At that time I didn’t have any other option, so joined the college.

Now looking back at the history I feel, that it was so apt that I didn’t listen to people, hundreds of people will give you advises, many of them advantageous and many not, its upto you which you wan to listen and which disapprove. The placements at our college is soaring new heights, many many major companies are scheduled to arrive when college reopens including Deloitte, Yahoo, Cisco, EMC2, Microsoft, Honeywell etc etc.

So far TCS, Infosys, Accenture and Wipro have made their visit to college. TCS took a whooping 322 students on2nd of May and rest three came on 2-3rd of June. Students in my college are a bunch of lucky lots, companies and companies, if such trend continues who knows there will be hardly students left for companies which arrive later. Will students get more than 3 jobs this time keeping in mind that more companies are coming this time.

Before summing up the placement situation, I would like to tell the readers that placements is a trivial thing provided you have one job in hand. College is not just placements or marks or grades. I have seen people saying that “I wont go to that college because it has only 95% placement”. Isn’t this statement too much? Try to come in the 95%, this statement implies lack of confidence. Participate in extra-curricular activities, sports and all non-academic events too. GPA’s and CGPA’s are trivial things, they loose importance after you pass out of college.