Manipal lies in the lap of one of the most beautiful place in this world- “Western Ghats”. Its situated 65 kms north of Mangalore, the port town of Karnataka. Its situated just 3-5 kms from the District town of Udupi.

Manipal is a multi-cultural heritage center. People from all walks to life come here to pursue their graduation and higher education. Interns from International Universities also find their way into this multi diverse cultural place. The “C” shown on the map below is Manipal.

The nearest railway station is Udupi which is just 2-3 kms away from the town, Mangalore Central(MAQ) station is the nearest major railway station. The nearest Airport is Bajpe which is near Mangalore, some 70 kms south of Manipal.

Goa is just 4-5 hours journey from here by train. Daily buses are available to Banglore which takes some nine hours. The nearest beaches here are Malpe,Kaup, Surathkal Beach.