Guess! What lacked a lot in MIT when it comes to environment? I can say it was dustbins, whenever I walked down the campus with a wrapper or something with me, had to throw it at the corner. To clean up the mess only a few bins were provided in front of boys hostel, that too we of very small size which could hardly be used. I remember lots of time when throwing wrappers or polybags on roadside was the only option.

Coming to this new semester, when we can notice is the vast availability of dustbins at every 100m or less. This time these bins are of a large size and really look like *DUSTBINS* unlike the former. MIT is paying a lot of attention at the environment I guess. Some of its plans are quite difficult to implement, like “No Polybags” campaign. Unless people and shopkeepers collectively reach to a consensus, containing this environment hazard is quite a tough job. College is also spending a lot of money in developing gardens and greenery. Finally just placing dustbins at regular intervals is not adequate unless we people learn something called “Civic Sense”