When I entered the college campus for the first time, I had great expectations both from myself and the college. The point that those expectations are met or shattered is now completely irrelevant. To me the lifestyle and culture of this college carries more weight. Some of the places in I wont forget are KC, Campus Stores, Venugopal Temple, 9th Block JC and Timmy Anna’s Night Canteen within MIT Campus. Outside the campus obviously the first place is End Point, then TC, Dollops, LC and DT.

Its said that in engineering colleges among guys, that the opposite sex are an endangered species. Yeah! Its true for Engineering colleges in India except MIT. This place looks more like a Medical College when gals/guys ratio are taken into consideration. So obviously the MITians are not behind in harnessing this advantage to the maximum extent. You could easily spot couples and lovebirds trying to find some place in this campus just to have some private time (in some case private actions too 😉 ). Well you could join this club without any entry fees, just need to put up a tough fight and strive hard to achieve your aim. Damn! I could get a 10 point even if I toil one-tenth of the struggles faced in making a girlfriend. Am too lazy in this field.

How can I forget that Dollops, Saiba, CCD and DT for their food where we use to hang out with friends, asking party for even the trivial matters. “You got a 20 in a sessionals, so now we deserve a treat”. Poor Man! Is scoring excellently an offense? We make full efforts to make the river flow in the opposite direction. 🙂

Can you forget those Ozone, Edge and disc where we went mad whenever we found a chance? It was the place to rejoice, merry, come together to make sure that we utilize fully each and every second of our engineering. I have made a proper collection and archived it to make it not just an *ALBUM* but a *MEMORY OF LIFE*. The Memories of my Life!

I may not say much at the world class faculty in my department or the college. Whatsoever may be the case, the quality of the faculty wont be written on our degrees. So my advice is just complete your education without giving a damn to these things. We can still can it “World class teaching environment”. Surely we have a new modern and technologically advanced “New Lecture Halls”. Dont forget it. Have a watch on the Innovation Center, it was meant to be a research destination for industries (had heard and the name suggests that too), but I dont see a single such company except the ICAS students who have been given the privilege to have their classes at that place.

Remember KC? We did everything over there except “NO SQUATTING”! It is the heart of MIT, the most lively place, the basket ball ground, the shops and most important the chicks too come there to have some time. What else do guys want? Maybe a few gals come there because they know guys throng that place. 😉

Well! The list is non ending. This sem I hope to get placed in a respected company. Though only mass recruiters may turn up this time, branch specific companies will arrive in the 7th sem. Quite a long time. Yeah! It is….