Heard about the Western Ghats? Its runs parallel to the western coast of our country, keeping in it lap one of the most beautiful scenic places. Now who needs to go to Switzerland and Kashmir when you have your mini heaven here itself. Manipal also falls in the Western Ghats giving rise to beautiful natural places.

At one end of Manipal lies a deserted place famously known as End Point. Well I feel short of words while explaining the naturalistic beauty of this place. Just imagine yourself standing on the top of the plateau on which Manipal is founded. A beautiful river runs below the hilly area. Trekking down the place is very very exciting, encountering all sorts of plants and going through the areas of dense vegetation down the plane.

This place is famous for its couples. 😀 All lovebirds fly to this place at the evening to see the beautiful senset and pass some precious time with each other. Health conscious people take no chance to leave off this place during their evening walk. Well said! Have some snaps too.