Most people do pen down their experiences while studying in any institution. Same here, this is not a place for bashing anyone, nor showing FUD, but making people aware of the reality and ground situation of Manipal. Its beauty and the multi diverse culture which makes Manipal not just a place but also “A Way of Life”!

I shall write this blog in first person, all the views here will be my sole and no one will be responsible for them. The views of the people who comment are their own thought and has nothing to do with this blog. Please respect the freedom of speech. If you find something very offensive, just shoot me a mail at email [at] manishsinha [dot] info and I will take the required action.

About Me: Am a Computer Science student at Manipal Institute of Technology, having great interest in cultures apart from technology. If you have somthing very important and interesting, do mail me the contents and I will give it an appropriate place on this blog.